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Initial Consultation

Required Forms

You will be required to complete a number of forms on your first visit.
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Detailed Consultation

To enable the best possible recommendation, Dr, Keller and you will discuss your chief complaints and a complete medical, family and social history.


A spinal examination (including orthopedic and neurological evaluation) will allow the doctor to determine the cause of your condition.

Diagnostic Testing

If some situations, x-rays may be require to complete diagnostics. If this is necessary, it will be discussed with you prior to.

Report of Findings

Upon competion of the consultation, Dr. Keller will discuss with you his findings and recommendations for how to proceed.

Chiropractic Treatment

If treatment is determined to be benificial for you, Dr. Keller will recommend a plan of action tailored to your individual situation. Treatments include spinal adjustments, but some adjunctive therapies may be incorparated as well.
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